Founded in mid 2004, we exist to promote the Olympic sport of Fencing as a social activity and pursuit for young people throughout Scotland.

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Online Entry is now open for the Tri Weapon Cup 2019 http://f4sf.scottish-fencers.org/tri-weapon-cup-2019


Entry to YDS4 is now closed


Entry to YDS4 is now open http://f4sf.scottish-fencers.org/yds4-perth and the results from YDS3 are here http://f4sf.scottish-fencers.org/yds-bathgate-results


Entry to YDS3 has now closed


Entry to YD3 is now open http://f4sf.scottish-fencers.org/round-3-bathgate and the results from YDS2 are here http://f4sf.scottish-fencers.org/yds2-results


Entry to YDS2 is now closed - see you on Saturday!


Entry to YDS1 is now closed - see you tomorrow!


Welcome back to a new season!  We will be getting the 2018/19 YDS season started on Saturday 3rd November in Dunfermline.  Entry is open http://f4sf.scottish-fencers.org/round-1-dunfermline-1 and details of how things are going to change a little for this year.  A new ranking system to be more inline with the cadets/juniors approach and everything on the one day are the main ones!!


The Tri-Weapon Cup is back for 2018! Entry is now open for Saturday 23rd June at Dunfermline High School http://f4sf.scottish-fencers.org/tri-weapon-cup-2018 We are looking forward to a great day of fencing, lots of fun to be had!


So that's the YDS Series over for another year - thank you to everyone who has supported us and congratulations to all our series winners http://f4sf.scottish-fencers.org/201718-yds


Entry is now closed for YDS4


Entry is now closed for YDS3


Entry is still open for YDS but online entry will close on Wednesday 17th Jan and entries after that will only be accepted at our discretion


Happy New Year! YDS3 is just around the corner! Get your entries in now before the early bird entry ends on Friday 12th January. Entries will only be accepted after Wednesday 17th January at our discretion. http://f4sf.scottish-fencers.org/round-3-dunfermline


Entry is now closed for YDS2, we are looking forward to seeing you all in Dundee. You can still order your meal deals online if you want to prepay!


Online entry is now open for YDS2 in Dundee  http://f4sf.scottish-fencers.org/round-2-dundee - the YDS rankings have been updated after YDS1 and everyone who bought a season pass is already on the entry list for YDS2, please double check to make sure your name is on the list if you have bought a season pass!


Entries close today for YDS1 to give us a couple of days to get sorted!


Late entry is still open for the first YDS of 2017/2018 season http://f4sf.scottish-fencers.org/round-1-dunfermline-0


Great value season passes and early bird entry open until Friday 9th September - get your entry in now for the first YDS of 2017/2018 season http://f4sf.scottish-fencers.org/round-1-dunfermline-0


We hope everyone is having a lovely summer break! We have a confirmed date and venue for YDS1 of 2017/2018! Other dates are provisional just now but hopefully confirmed soon. Website is currently being updated and online entry will be open very soon!


As it stands we have no entries for the girls sabre, it makes sense for us to move this to the Saturday afternoon to be at the same time as the boys sabre, please get in touch if you are planning to enter the girls sabre and would not be able to make the Saturday


Only 5 days left to entry the last YDS of the season at early bird rates, http://f4sf.scottish-fencers.org/forms/yds-entry Entry fee goes up midnight Tues 18th April

AGM will be held at YDS4 on the Saturday after the foil poules, please come along and support us


Entry is now open for the last YDS of the season, http://f4sf.scottish-fencers.org/forms/yds-entry Early bird entry available until Friday 14th April

YDS3 is only 12 days away! Early bird entry closes on Friday 13th January, after that date all entries will increase by £5

Online entry is open for YDS3 on January 21st/22nd


Results are now published for YDS2 (see menu to your left)
Have a great christmas and we will see you all in the new year for YDS3!
Online entry will be open soon


Entry is now closed for YDS2

We may allow late entries, please email if would like to enter


Entry is now open for the next YDS in Edinburgh on the 5th/6th November!  Format is going to be the same as YDS1, please enter as soon as you can so we can plan and make sure the weekend runs as much as possible.  The entry list will most likely not be updated between Sunday 16th October and Saturday 22nd October due to holidays, if you enter during this time then please watch out for your fencers name appearing on Sunday 23rd October when a bulk update will be done. 


Round 2 venue has been confirmed - St Thomas Aquin's HS in Edinburgh


Check in times are now published for the YDS in Dunfermline - please check when your 15 check in slot is.


Entry is now open for the 1st YDS of the season, http://www.f4sf.org/forms/yds-entry please note the days for Boys Foil and Boys Epee have changed - Early bird entry available until Friday 23rd September.

Saturday 1st October - Girls Foil, Boys Foil and Boys Sabre

Sunday 2nd October - Girls Epee, Boys Epee and Girls Sabre


Dates and some locations have been set for next season:

YDS1 - October 1st/2nd 2016 - Dunfermline High School
YDS2- November 5th/6th 2016 - Venue tbc
YDS3 - January 21st/22nd 2017 - High School of Dundee (Maybury Sports Centre)
YDS4 - April 22nd/23rd 2017 - Venue tbc
Tri-Weapon Cup - February 25th 2017


Date and Location for YDS4 has been confirmed, the last competition in the series will be held at Dollar Academy, Dollar, FK14 7DT on the 23rd/24th April 2016.


Results for YDS3 can be found here http://foundationforscottishfencing.org/YDS/YDS3.html


British Fencing memberships can no longer be renewed or applied for at YDS competitions. Please ensure you have proof of current membership available for check-in.


At the request of Scottish Fencing we have changed the age groups to odd ages in order for Scottish Fencing to use the results for rankings. However this means we are unable to run a YDS competition for over 17s 

YDS 15-16 dates

YDS1 - 7th/8th November St Thomas of Aquins Edinburgh

YDS2 - 5th/6th December - Dunfermline High School

YDS3 - 27th/28th February  - Mayfield Sports Centre Dundee

YDS4 - 23rd/24th April (provisional)

Tri-Weapon Cup 26th September 2015 Dunfermline High school


Thanks to everyone who attended the AGM. The minutes are in a document linked to the bottom of this page.

AGM - Sunday 19th April (just before the girls sabre) Dunfermline High School. Please come along and support us. We will be discussing the future of the YDS and our achievments during the past year. If you feel strongly that the YDS should continue then please consider volunteering help and / or joining the committee. The committe meets only about 7 times a year. Not all committee members have a "job" and not all help with the YDS.
The Foundation for Scottish Fencing is supporting the British Fencing Rewards Scheme initiative to measure and support the growth of Fencing. You can help too by signing up for the scheme at http://www.lollyrewards.com/britishfencing
More details about the rewards scheme can be found here: https://assets.lollyrewards.com/britishfencing/BritishFencingRewardPoint... and here: http://britishfencing.com/news/latest-news/?n=1283
British Fencing will issuing rewards points to anyone (competitors, referees, armourers and other volunteers) who joins the rewards scheme and sign into this competition
If you currently referee at the YDS or other F4SF competitions or are prepared to make a commitment to do so in the future, the Foundation is willing to subsidise your participation in the referee course being run by Scottish Fencing by paying half the fee. Sign up here http://scottish-fencing.com/development/2015/02/06/refereeing-course. Half the fee will be refunded on the day if you promise to referee for us in the next year.
Happy New Year
YDS 3 Hutchesons' Grammar Glasgow - online entry and entry forms now available.
We now require fencers completing against size 5 sabre to wear 800N gloves
dates for the YDS
We are only doing 4 YDS competitions next season we hope to have them on the following dates
YDS 1 September 13/14th - High School of Dundee
YDS 2 December 6/7th Broughton High School Edinburgh
YDS 3 February 7/8th  Hutchesons' Grammar Glasgow
YDS 4 April 18/19th - Dunfermline High School


Entry forms and online entry are now available for YDS Round 1 in Dundee
Can you please also read our YDS information sheet if you are entering
Due to an increase in hall hire charges we have been forced to increase entry fee.



We are planning a new competition, just for fun, a senior 3 weapon teams  event. 24th August in Dunfermline. Put a team together each fencing a different weapon or if you enter individually we will put you in teams.


We wish to welcome Stephen Barratt onto the committee. He has volunteered to be Grants and Funding Manager. We are delighted to have found someone who is not affiliated to any fencing club or organisation to step into this role as it reinforces our committment to fairness and neutrality.


We would like to thank everyone who took the time to attend the AGM. Minutes are available at the bottom of the page.


AGM Saturday 8th March at the YDS in Mayfield Sports Centre (High School of Dundee)

Election of committee members

Discussion about the future structure of the Youth Development Series

Please come along


YDS 4 Dundee - we have been forced to introduce a late fee please YDS Dundee page and entry form


We are very pleased to announce that we are once again in a position to award funding.

Guidlines and an application can be download from the contact page.


13/14 The YDS is changing

This season we are planning to alter the age groups to have

  • Under 10
  • Under 12
  • Under 14
  • Under 17
  • Under 20


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